NameDescriptionContent Agência Superar Limitada is a local establishment with more than twenty years of experience in the industry. Since inception we are committed to our partners (customers and agencies) representing high quality products and service at fair prices.​​​​​​​​​​​​
Our business is primarily focused on Wine followed by Sake, Coffee and Chinese wine. An integrated solution of imported beverages to answer our customer’s needs. We offer a professional service and we strive to keep strong and stable relationships with our partners.
Our portfolio shows wines at various price-points, styles and regions, including exclusive Portuguese wines imported directly from our Portuguese agencies. We supply only the best quality wine, at any price range.
Our clients are our friends and they are the center of our dedication. In order to keep Agência Superar Limitada a secure value in a thriving market such as Macau, we are committed to reply any enquires and to propose solutions according to your needs.
Now, after more than two decades of business, the passion is still very much alive and we certainly look forward to share it with you.
In 1993, with no experience in the wine business, [John Ng – the founder] and also Managing Director of the Company, started working with wines in a sales company. For 3 years he continuously pushed himself to discover, learn and understand more about this industry. As a result, in 1996, he saw the market opportunity and met the conditions to establish his own company – Agencia Superar Limitada was born.
The interest in Portuguese wines came with the knowledge of the market, the political context brought special conditions in importing this wines, which, at this moment, very few companies were doing in Macau. This created the perfect timing to develop business relationships with the Portuguese community by creating bonds and bringing flavors closer to their home.
While reading numerous wine books, John Ng discovered Roquevale and Mouchão, the two first Portuguese producers he would first get in business with. Contrarily to people working in similar businesses who were following the hype about regions like Douro or Dão, John decided to bet on a not so known region in these days – Alentejo. As he understood the unique character of this region from the south of Portugal, shortly after, he did his first visit to the country and to the two wineries from the book. It was the year of 1997 and Superar was already importing from Roquevale and in negotiations with Mouchão.
Other partnerships were created in the following years: Pegões, Alves de Sousa, PROVAM, Casa Cadaval and finally Paulo Laureano Vinus.
Since Superar was created, many other wine distributors appeared, but following John’s “Share the market” and customer oriented philosophy, the company managed to conquer a solid position in the market. Nowadays, John takes pride in his business and in the knowledge he acquired on his journey with wines, however, what he values the most are the relationships he worked so hard to build. As he usually says “Business comes and goes but strong relationships stay forever”.
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