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PROVAM is a society of quotas, constituted by 10 wine-growers of the Sub-Region of Monção, preserving and passionate for wine things that decided, in 1992, to build a modern and functional cellar for production of wines of Alvarinho and Alvarinho/Trajadura grape varieties. The Sub-Region Monção and Melgaço enjoy a very special microclimate, with exposure and an Atlantic climate with high rainfall, humidity, warm and small temperature ranges, which makes the wine Alvarinho unique. The grape Alvarinho is one of the most notable Portuguese varieties. Results in wines with intense flavor, distinctive, delicate and complex, ranging from the quince, peach, banana, lemon and litchi (or fruity), the flower of orange and violet (the flower), the hazelnut and hazelnut (or almond) and honey (or caramel). Its flavor is complex, soft, round, smooth, thick and persistent.